Love of my Life

Love of my Life
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February 27, 2010

I am trying to balance keeping my friends up to date on things and mixing in some of my feelings.I don't want this blog to become a thing people avoid because it makes them sad. I do though want to keep you informed so you will know how to pray for me.

The biopsy is Wednesday and I'm told my treatments can't start until we know what type of cell being treated. Please pray that this thing stops growing now. Please pray for healing and pray that it just goes away. I know that God can work miracles. My langauge is becoming more challenging. I can see what I want to say but struggle with the word. Sometimes I say something and think I've said what I intended to say and something else comes out. We're in the midst of planning my wedding for April 17... please pray for improved communication and please don't let it get worse. Other than my language, and occasionally bumping into things, and the feeling of pressure in my head, I'm doing pretty good. Once I get through surgery and get my treatments started, I'll work with a nuero optomologist to help retrain my eyes.

Also, HyVee on Langsford Road and 291 is wanting to have a Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser for me. We're working with them on a date.. possibly Wednesday, March 24. I'll keep you posted so that you can come by and have dinner and say hi to me. I miss my friends and co-workers, and I really miss my customers.

I do have good news about my insurance coverage once married. Greg's plan has my oncologist in their network! That is GREAT news! Mom, being the anal person she is though, is having a person she knows in the military actually check their plan (again) to confirm. Just in case my friend read it wrong. She also had to actually read a copy of Tri-cares benefit plan before she felt comfortable starting wedding plans. We have a lot to do before the wedding and it's rather crazy with everything else going on... and I'm not much help since I can't drive, communication is a challenge, as is reading. Mom's meeting with an event planner Monday night. It's the one thing she can delegate to someone else.

Please add the things below to your prayer list...

* God's continued grace
* Starvation for the tumor... no more growth
* Steady hands on Wednesday by the doctors. Quick prognosis and for treatment to begin this week.
* No more decline in my speech and language
* Pray for Greg. I know this is very hard on him. Pray that everything comes together so that he will be here in time for our wedding.
* Pray for Dad, Mom, Todd and Hannah. I feel badly for what this disease is doing to them. I never wanted to hurt them or upset them.
* Thank God for good doctors, MRI's and other test that can detect and help treat the illness.
* Pray to make me better.

Thanks for checking in. Thank you also for the many cards. It does help to know that people are sending prayers to the man in control. I've also enjoyed seeing the posts from some of my previous favorite teachers. One day I hope to be in the class room helping students in some capacity.

oh and one last thing - I'M SO EXCITED FOR MY WEDDING! The pastor I really wanted to marry me said she is avaialble and would love to be involved. I'm hoping next week when my sister is home that we can shop for dresses.

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  1. I know this is not current but I hope you are doing well and had a beautiful wedding.
    Can you tell me the type of tumor you had? I assume the same type returned. I recently had a very large tumor removed that effected my vision.
    I kept running in to things and had tremendous pressure in my head. It looks like my vision is not going to return.