Love of my Life

Love of my Life
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May 21, 2010

Quick update from Me; Some education from my Mom

My (Lindsey) update:
Hi.. it's been awhile since I updated. I've been busy. Last weekend we ate our way through Branson. The pictures above are from our last stop at Lamberts. (well, next to last stop before Dairy Queen). I can't believe my Mom has never been to Lamberts! Mom and Hannah are showing off their food babies after eatting one to many rolls! The photo of the cross-eyed girl is my cousin Kelsie. She's crazy fun. We were having a rockfest in Big Red(aka the Surburban). The seatbelt she is holding was actually her microphone. Even Grandma was singing along. Branson was fun. We saw one show - "Six", shopped, went to Silver Dollar City, but mostly hung out and had fun.
I continue to feel pretty good. I'm sleeping, no headaches, and I've been able to go out with my friends. Thank you friends for planning things to do with me. It's the pits not being able to drive.
I'm looking foward to this weekend. We're heading to Daytona, FL on Sunday and then Greg comes in on Friday night. I miss him terribly. We're suppose to go to a wedding in Lincoln next weekend but I'm giving some serious thought to Greg and I staying in MO while everyone else goes North. I'll see what he would prefer to do. I hope my friends in Lincoln understand.

Update from Mom:
The Morris house is humming again with the sounds of laugher, activity, and the regular routines of life. Ahh.. how nice it is to have Todd and Hannah home for the summer, and to have the Lindsey that we all love and cherish back. Lindsey's doing pretty good. While moments of extreme sadness occur, those times are less frequent. We're in search of a good support group for her to attend. She's also struggling a bit because she'd like to do something to earn money, to contribute and help out. Everyone else is working this summer and it's hard for her because she is use to being so busy. We're working on what her "jobs" or "contributions" can consist of.
I find myself laying in bed at night, and in the morning thinking about what else we can be doing to fight the tumor. It's very difficult , you feel so helpless. If you're a parent, I'm sure you can relate. I continue to wonder why it's been so difficult to find a cure for Glioblastomas and why is it that the tumors typically return. This week I found an article which is the first one I've seen that helps to answer my questions. The article is dated April 2010 in "Science Daily". - Brain Cancer: Study Focuses on Forgotten Cells. I've included a few notes from the article below:
* Glioblastoma is a guileful enemy.
* While most of the brain tumor can often be removed surgically, in virtually every case the tumor reappears. One reason for this is that sporadic, infiltrative tumor cells will remain in the brain even after the most careful surgery and treatment.
* These "forgotten" cells have been scrutinized more closely for the first time!
* Many of the fundamental properties of the "forgotten" cells were substantially different from the cells in the midst of the tumor mass. Thus, one potential explanation as to why radiation or chemotheraphy cannot entirely prevent this deadly disease to reoccur.
* While examining the residual cells, the researcher made an astonishing discovery. The cancer cells in the vicinity of the tumor have different properties compared to those from the center of the tumor. For instance, they are more mobile, they form other receptors, they react differently to radtiotion therapy or chemotherapeutic substances.
This group of researchers are on to something. For new approaches to therapy they first new to better understand the biology of the cells even better.
So.. to help with the funding of research to find a cure for brain cancer, the Morris Family is forming a team to participate in the August 29th "Head for the Cure" 5k at Corporate Woods. We'd love to have you join us! You can walk or run, or simply show up to cheer us on. We'll share more information as we get this team together. We're in the process of thinking of a team name, t-shirt designs, sponsors for the t-shirts, etc. If you have a suggestion for a team name please send it to me - We're creating a list of names for Lindsey to pick from.
Also, if you're interested in sending Lindsey a card or giving her a call, she would love to hear from you. Send me a message at my email above and I'll be glad to give you Lindsey's information.
Thank you for your continued positive thoughts and prayers. Your prayers for "good days" have been answered! We're at a spot now where I can begin to transition back to work!

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  1. I would love to join in the 5K. I've just recently started working out and a 5K is one of my goals. I'm sure by August, I won't be quite ready to run the whole thing, but I'll walk/jog and be there! -Christi Massey