Love of my Life

Love of my Life
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May 31, 2010

Good to be Home... potential local clinical trial

Hi... our family vacation was wonderful. We took some fun family photos while out there... I've included a couple in this post. Returning home was even better because Greg came in town. We had a wonderful weekend together. He left on Sunday, and now I'm fighting a sinus infection and what I think is a kidney infection. Mom will call the doc tomorrow.
My Mom also learned of a clinical trial occurring here in town to test the safety of TVAX Immunotherapy as a treament for recurrent Grade 3/4 Gliomas. The study is currently recruiting participants, Mom sent an email over the weekend and has been asked to call them directly tomorrow. Here's what we know about the TVAX treatment -
it uses a patient's own cancer cells to initiate an immune response against their cancer. That response is then leveraged by harvesting the newly generated cancer-specified blood cells, turning them into killer cells in the laboratory, and then delivering them back to the patient.

Stay tuned.. we'll post an update after we learn more. I also have my next appointment with Dr. Taylor on Thursday. I don't think we're doing an MRI... we're just checking in. I'm hoping she'll grant me another month of flying since I'm not having headaches. Maybe, if she does, I can get out to San Deigo to see Greg. He is coming back to KC July 4th weekend so I have that to look forward to. Other plans include trying to get to Ohio in early August for a wedding, and then he's trying to accumulate leave so he can come here for 30 days in October prior to leaving for Japan.

The biggest change I'm noticing is with my speech. I'm a lot quieter because it's hard to find the words... Mom is typing all of this because she, well she's been my Mom for 24 years and she knows me. I talk, she types, she reads back, and I say that's it or not.
Please keep the prayers coming. Our prayers for good days continue to be answered. Lets pray that I will qualify for this clinical trial!

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  1. Yay for an awesome vacation and time with Greg! The pictures look great. Your family is absolutely gorgeous. wow!