Love of my Life

Love of my Life
Happy moments... Praise God. Difficult moments... seek God. Quiet painful moments... Trust God. Every moment... Thank God.

July 28, 2010 it exists today

If you knew Lindsey prior to the return of her tumor, you know that she was always on the go. Be it doing something for school, or for work, or for friends, she always had a task that needed accomplished and she was on top of it.

Life as it exists today is different. There's no more going and the doing consists of moving from room to room, working on puzzles, playing a game, relaxing in the pool, coloring, watching TV, listening to me read to her, visiting with friends, or sleeping. This weekend she felt like getting out so we've started using the wheelchair as her right side is getting weaker and walking is more of a challenge. The wheelchair has been great. I think her friends may be a little shocked to see her in a wheelchair... that's where we are now and we are absolutely making the best of it. Lindsey enjoyed wheeling around Summit Woods on Sunday. Of course she continues to enjoy a trip to Starbucks and an outting for ice cream. At Dicks Sporting Goods she picked out running shorts for Hannah and I to wear in the Head for the Cure race.

Regarding the 5k, you can sign-up or make a donation to team "Lace-up for Lindz" by visiting website. We currently have 71 people signed up!

If you can't race but would like to purchase a "Lace up for Lindz" tshirt for $15, please email me at, with your size, along with the design you'd like on the front. Option 1 is the high-top shoe; Option 2 - the tennis shoe. The other design shown in this post is the back of the shirt. Both shirts will be purple. . The t-shirts are available in adult sizes Small - 5XL. Youth sizes are also available. Proceeds from the shirts will go towards fund-raising efforts. (If you are signed up to race, the t-shirts are only $5.) When you email me, I'll provide the address you can send a check to (sorry.. I'm a little skittish about posting my address on the blog.) T-shirt orders need to be placed by August 4.

Also, please join me thanking our artists who contributed the artwork for the t-shirts. Chris MeaD designed the hightop shoe; McKenzie Marston designed the tennis shoe and the back of the t-shirt. MSM Promotions is donating the tshirts.
Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers!

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