Love of my Life

Love of my Life
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August 09, 2010

Sisters... and Race Update

Tomorrow I ride back with Hannah to school at TCU. She's taking a car back this year and I'm heading down with her. Yes, I'm the nervous Mom who doesn't want her to have to drive 8 hours by herself for the first time. I know the move back this year will most likely be more difficult than last year. I want to spend some time with her and help with the move-in.

Hannah has been a blessing all summer. She has helped with Lindsey; helped around the house; and in every case simply just did what needed to be done without me needing to ask. I will miss her. She will miss us. She will miss her friends and her support group here in KC. Thank goodness for technology... Facebook, Skype, text, etc makes it easier to be far apart.

School will keep her very busy as she has been accepted into the Neely Fellows Program at TCU. Only 30 students a year are accepted and the program is rigorous, with a purpose to educate and develop students of extraordinary potential with both curricular and co-curricular experiential learning opportunities. Yes, we are very proud of her. She had a great first year and continues to just amaze us with her work. Staying busy is good right now. Between school work, and sorority life, she will have little time to think about anything else (umm.. except maybe her friend at MU.)

I love these photos of Hannah and Lindsey in the pool, taken just this past weekend. Again, an example of Hannah's helpful nature.

Please pray for a safe trip to Fort Worth and for a good week at home. We have a few friends helping with Lindsey during the week and with meals while I'm out of town. Thank goodness for friends and family. We are truly blessed.

Race update - I just heard from Head for the Cure that we may have one of the largest teams! THAT IS AMAZING!!! So far 152 people are signed up for the Lace Up for Lindz team. Thank you for your support! While it's to late to order the Lace Up for Lindz t-shirts, it's not to late to sign up for the team! The support of Lindsey's friends, associates from work, school, etc has simply been tremendous. Thank you.

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  1. could you shoot me an email at I remember reading you don't post your address online, and I was wanting to send you something for the race for the cure. thanks! mary day saou