Love of my Life

Love of my Life
Happy moments... Praise God. Difficult moments... seek God. Quiet painful moments... Trust God. Every moment... Thank God.

October 20, 2010

The Doves

What is the significance of three doves? Some say it can represent the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost; Others say the doves represent Hope, Freedom and Good Wishes or a symbol or message of love.
We received the doves in the mail today from a friend. They are precious.... do I hang them from a tree or put them on the mantel with Lindsey's "Keeping the Faith" award? The arrival of the doves brought a sense of peace for me at a time when life was going to change a bit. Thank you Ann. I passed on your note of "love" to Lindsey.
Greg departed today for Japan. Lindsey was emotional this morning. This afternoon she is doing better. Signs of a potential large bed-sore is displayed on the right upper thigh. Sleeping/resting positions will need to be rotated more frequently to protect the skin from a sore. We're adjusting schedules so that we can have two people at home during Lindsey's awake times.
I was trying to be a good friend today by attending the funeral for a son that passed away suddenly last week. Mistake. I had to leave at the point the Pastor referred to the young mans span of life as a "dash". I know he meant no harm. There will be no reference to "dashes" at any funeral I plan. I found myself walking to the Garden of Courage at the cemetery, to a peaceful place on a rock, by a pond, with a friend. My friend, Karen, had followed me out. We cried, we talked, we laughed, we gathered courage and went about our day. This is what one does when life doesn't make much sense. You figure out ways to hold on to your faith even during the hardest times.
We were blessed by Greg's presence for 30 days. While a difficult decision for him, he is off today to serve our country. This week Greg purchased the 4th generation Itouch for both of us so that we could use the new FaceTalk feature. FaceTalk allows you to see the other person through the iPod.
Lindsey is doing as well as can be expected with all that she is going through. She chuckles at funny stories, she comprehends all that is going on around her, and if you don't give her enough ice cream she will frequently say "more", "a lot more."

I only wish I could climb inside her mind and know what she is thinking. For now though we cherish the smiles, the giggles, the beautiful brown eyes, and honor her desires for ice cream.

Thank you for checking in.


  1. I wish I knew something to say to make it easier for you all. Know you are always in my heart and prayers.

  2. Sandy, Tonight I sat and looked at all the pictures you have posted on this blog! They are so good! Lindsey has an amazing smile! I know how much time that must have taken you to do that! Thanks for sharing....

  3. I've heard that dumb dash story. Lindsey's life is not represented by a dash. Lindsey's life is represented by that big poster in her room with the kids' handprints. Lindsey's life is represented by the 184 people who signed up to be on her Head for the Cure Team, it's represented by the 112 people who follow this blog, by the many many people who pray for her every day because she touched their lives or the life of someone they know.

    Her life is represented by her family who will miss her more than words can bear out. Lindsey's life is represented by all the cards and calls and visits of people who she touched and will touch in her too-short time here.

    No, her life isn't a dash. It's bigger than that; it's love and faith, grace, dignity, and generosity of spirit. Those qualities will live on in all the people who know Lindsey and all we have learned and are learning still from her.