Love of my Life

Love of my Life
Happy moments... Praise God. Difficult moments... seek God. Quiet painful moments... Trust God. Every moment... Thank God.

November 02, 2010

Better Day

Today was a better day.... word of advice for everyone.. find something to bring a smile to your face everyday.

Monday and Tuesday have been a little better than Sunday. While it takes Lindsey a little longer to respond to questions, we are getting an answer. Tummy issues are better today also. While pain medication helps to provide relief in one area, it can cause major issues in other parts of the body.
The appetite was better today also. A waffle for breakfast, applesauce and frozen yogurt for lunch, raisin bran cereal and Greek yogurt for dinner.

We keep missing FaceTime calls with Greg. It's a great feature on the 4th Generation iTouch. However, with the time difference, we are missing each other. Lindsey is up at 9am, which makes it 11pm in Japan; bedtime rituals start around 8:30 and it's 11:30 am in Japan.. and Greg is usually at work during that time.

Todd and Hannah will be home this weekend. We'll see if their presence prompts a request from Lindsey to come down to the first floor of the house for awhile. The last time she ventured outside her room was October 23rd, for the MU football game.

A card received from a friend reminded me of what it takes to endure this journey...

Faith, Hope Courage... Have faith, have hope, and have courage.

Our family fortunately has all three. Yes, while some days are difficult. It's our faith, hope and courage that will get us through. Today I chose to make it a good day. To look for the good. To focus on the positive. To find something to make me smile.

So what was good about today?

As I left this morning, Lindsey opened her eyes so I could say "I'll see you tonight"... I had another day of working with talented, passionate and committed staff members... I received good news from Bob about Lindsey's day, skyped with Todd, exchanged chat messages with Hannah, spoke to a couple of friends, and received 2 beautiful mums from another, I spent time with Lindsey during the 45 minutes she was awake in the evening; I also allowed myself to have a good ole fashion PB&J on regular bread! I topped off the evening with a glass of Relax wine. I also looked at some vacation photos... the three below brought a smile.. Lindsey daring to try some seafood, Hannah doing yoga on the beach without a care of who might be watching, and Todd enjoying a favorite youth activity.
As I close for the night, I'm reminded of a situation Lindsey encountered in third grade. She was not happy with her third grade teacher... a teacher who was about 5 years overdue for retirement. We moved into our new home over Christmas and Lindsey had a chance to change schools. I offered Lindsey the opportunity... I could see her thinking about it. The next day I asked if she had made a decision. Her decision, "I'm staying". I was surprised... her response.. no kidding... "Life doesn't always deal you a good hand. You need to play the hand you have."

We're playing this hand, the best we know how. Pray for my kiddos.... they are struggling. I will be glad to have them all home this weekend. And as a co-worker at work has recorded on her voicemail message "Make it a great day."

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