Love of my Life

Love of my Life
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June 03, 2010

TVAX Study Discovery

We have opted to not participate in the study. Would Lindsey of qualified? Very possibly. Would the study prolonged life or resulted in killing the cancer cells? That is unknown and not the primary purpose of the study. Here's what we learned:

* The primary focus of the trial is to determine safety of experimental vacine, primarily to determine side affects.
* The study has made no claim that the participate will benefit from the treatment and suggests there will be considerable risks.
* The risk/benefit equation is certainly weighted heavily on the risk side.
* Would patients in the future benefit from this study? Very possibly. The real winner at this time would be TVAX Biomedical.
* The procedures are intense, starting first with crainiotomy to collect cells, vacinations in mutible areas on both sides of chests and thighs, numerous needle sticks for blood; MRI's; 5 hour procedure to collect white blood cells; IU infusions; Injections under the skin every 2-3 days for 7 days; and a whole array of side effects.
* in addition to just the pure stress on the body, 46 hours of hospital time over the course of 24 weeks plus travel time.

While there is a desire to help advance the science of cancer treatment, Lindsey (and we support her decision) is not willing to pay a price in time and quality of life to enter the study. A study that could make her worse due to the risks involved.

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  1. Lindsey, I'm so sorry this isn't going to work out for you. I was really hoping and praying it would. The people of the Tanck Estate are still rooting for you.