Love of my Life

Love of my Life
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June 22, 2010

Lindsey's Happy List

This morning we had our first experience with seizures. Lindsey's smart... she shared tonight that she felt the first one coming on and plopped down in the hallway. I heard a little thud and walked around the corner to see her laying on the floor. The 2nd one occurred about 10 minutes later, while Bob and I were by her side. We asked the nurse about starting anti-seizure meds but due to the reaction she had last time (aka "crazy lady") the dr is hesistate to start them back up. We do have a emergency kit at home in the event she has a bad one. So in the mean time, you focus on what you can. You place a bell by the bed, you talk about what to do when you feel one coming on, you wear a strap around your waist so that one can easily hold on to it if Lindsey begins to fall, etc. The rest of the day was fine. Bob and Lindsey ran errands, visited the Grandparents, and went for a little swim.

We've taken her off the hydrocodone and switched to hydromorphone and reduced the dosage. The steroids are relieving some pressure so the pain has not been as intense. This has left Lindsey more alert, less drowsy, and tonight it seemed her speech had improved. This is most likely due to the reduction in pain meds, which probably had her mind in a rather "foggy" state most of the time.

While alert and talkative, we created Lindsey's "happy" list. This is a list of things she wants to make sure we do while she can.

1 - Breakfast with Dad and Todd(if she can get him out of bed) at Hyvee on Saturday mornings (while Hannah and Mom are at WW and Spin Class); Starbucks with Mom and Hannah after Breakfast with Dad, then Saturday morning stroll to the Lee's Summit Farmers Market

2 - Friday night concerts in Lee's Summit with the family

3 - At least 3 phone calls a day with her hubby, Greg; see Greg as much as possible

4 - Church on Sunday

5 - Aunt Nancy's whenever possible

6 - Time with relatives and friends

7 - Kelsie's weekly basketball games

8 - Pool party with LSCC College group

9 - Ice-cream, and an occasional special treat from Cold Stone or Sheridans!

Greg will be in town July 1 - 5.... that's one positive impact to the Happy List! We'll start creating many more.

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  1. A quote for you: "Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart" — Eleanor Roosevelt

    Lindsey, you have left many footprints in my heart, and in so many others! :) Love you, m'dear...