Love of my Life

Love of my Life
Happy moments... Praise God. Difficult moments... seek God. Quiet painful moments... Trust God. Every moment... Thank God.

April 14, 2010

3 more days, then the BIG DAY!

As Lindsey and I were reading through her blog she commented that the post about her email address was missing. I'm not sure what happen with it so we will try to recreate.

If you haven't noticed Lindsey's email address, you should. It's It's an email address she has had for many years. It represents who she is and one of her favorite bible verses. It is this faith of hers that has gotten her through many trials and tribulations. Trials such as adjusting to the learning disabilities that occurred after her first brain tumor to physical disabilities, to simple daily issues that surface. Lindsey's life journey has been rocky but you wouldn't know if you had the opportunity to interact with her. She has a contagious smile, a desire to please, and she is usually very positive. Lindsey's faith is what gets her through the difficult times. She loves the Lord with all her heart and knows that it is Him that she can always lean on. Does this mean that she never gets angry with Him? Absolutely not. She has had many moments of anger. Many moments of asking why me and why now? Yet she also realizes that those questions will most likely not be answered soon enough for her. We may not know for awhile what His plan is so we put our trust in Him and know that it is in Him that we will get through this life journey.

Even as preparations for the wedding are underway for Saturday, Lindsey is currently preparing the household for guests. It's so sweet to see the special touches she is applying to the bedrooms. Our guests will arrive on Thursday evening, along with Todd and Hannah who will also be home. Thanks to our good friends Curt and Jo Marie, the Best Man and his wife will stay at their home, which is close by.

We see the Lord's hand at work even as we recreate the wedding which hand been cancelled. You see, I had returned everything(except the wedding dress which is nonreturnable) and cancelled everything. As I went to repurchase the items, the most important pieces were still available. The plans are coming together very nicely, while on a smaller scale, it will still be a very lovely celebration for Greg and Lindsey. A special thank you goes out to Lindsey's grandparents, Jay and Mary Ann Morris who are opening their home for the wedding. They would have it no other way. There are many others who have helped orchestrate... from the musicians (Vicki Coy, Phil Hilton, Jerome), the seamstress (Mary Nelson), the caterer (Gareth Agnew), the florist (Jennifer Agnew), the photographer (Gordon Maxey and friend), the video guy (Brett Jackson), the hair and make-up artist (McKenzie Marston) and Lindsey's fairy God mother - the pastor who will officiate the celebration - Karen Bordner. I'm sure I'm leaving someone out. Thank you to everyone for coming together to make this a very special day for Lindsey and Greg.

One are of focus for me right now is to help Lindsey overcome her frustration with Greg not being here "RIGHT NOW!" (Those are the words she uses with him.. I want you here RIGHT NOW! ) Greg will arrive on Thursday. The original plans had him arriving on April 10th... she seems to have forgotten much of what occurred during the time she was on all the meds. She remembers calling off the wedding, but doesn't seem to understand that other things had to also be changed. It's a good thing that she does not remember what she was like during this time. It's a memory we would all like to suppress.

Pray for beautiful weather on Saturday and for Lindsey to continue feeling as good as possible. She has had 4 great days of energy and behavior that has been more positive than negative.


  1. Lindsey, may this day be all that you dream of! God bless you and Greg!! Sue Stanton

  2. Yaaayy! I am so happy for you! What an incredible answer to prayer :D

    I am celebrating in prayer and spirit!

    Love, halsey

  3. Good luck on your wedding day, Lindsey. I'm so happy for you. What a great blessing in such a difficult time. God is definitely watching over you and your loved ones. I can't wait to read about it. Have FUN!!

    Keri (Stimpson) Wooderson