Love of my Life

Love of my Life
Happy moments... Praise God. Difficult moments... seek God. Quiet painful moments... Trust God. Every moment... Thank God.

April 19, 2010

What's Next?

Some people have asked what the plans are for Greg and Lindsey. Will she stay in Missouri or go to San Diego with Greg? Prior to learning of Lindsey's brain tumor, Greg and Lindsey had planned on Lindsey graduating and looking for a teaching position in Missouri. They would see each other during school breaks until Greg was done with his military assignment.

While Lindsey will be graduating, her current health does not allow her to work, nor does it make sense at this time for her to travel to San Diego with Greg. Lindsey needs someone with her at all times. Greg will fly to Missouri as much as possible. Lindsey would also like to plan at least one trip to San Diego, providing her health allows that to happen. If she goes to San Diego, someone will have to accompany her. Greg will be in San Diego until October at which time he will transfer to Japan for six months.

The newlyweds spent Saturday night at Crown Center. They are doing things in town this week and will spend Thursday night at Chateau Avalon before Greg departs for San Diego on Friday. An out of town trip would of been very challenging. (I know that sounds odd, the behavior issues are challenging and it's something a person needs a break from occasionally. At times you also need assistance.)

Regarding Lindsey's health.... she has asked about starting the chemotherapy again. While the behavior issues have reduced, we continue to be challenged by her desire to purchase items. We've tried multiple tactics except for simply not allowing her to go shopping. Even when receiving agreement on what will be purchased when going shopping, the agreement is broken. Most times I can allow her to purchase the item, which is promptly put in the trunk of my car, then I return it. It's interesting to me that Lindsey doesn't ask about the item after the initial purchase. Yet, talking her out of a purchase is very challenging and at times impossible. People who are aware of this tendency have been good at helping by stating "let me hold that for you and you can get it next time." (Carol K - your approach was successful the last time we were in HyVee and Lindsey wanted 2 baseball hats).

To allow me to focus on Lindsey, and the rest of the family during this time, I have taken some time off of work. Bob is very challenged when interacting with Lindsey. It's been very difficult for him. I'm hoping to reengage with work in mid to late May. We'll see how things go here at home.

Tonight some friends are coming over to give Greg and Lindsey an Ice Cream Sundae party. Thank you for friends that create moments to look forward to.

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