Love of my Life

Love of my Life
Happy moments... Praise God. Difficult moments... seek God. Quiet painful moments... Trust God. Every moment... Thank God.

March 13, 2010

The Meds Begin

The Temador came in and Lindsey took the first round last night. So far, she's not feeling any side affects. Those will come as the days pass and the medicine continues. Lindsey's daily dose of meds consists of:

morning - anti-seizure medicine, and anti-depresent
evening - Colace, 1 pill (stool softener)
Senokot-S,1 pill (natural vegetable laxative, plus stool softener)
Valium - 1 pill
Anti-nausea - 1 pill
Temador - 4 pills (1 hour after she takes the pills listed above)

And.. if the first dose of anti-nausea doesn't work, there's another one she can take.

We're a little confused about the steriods... doe she continue to take them daily??? We'll call the nurse on Monday.

Tomorrow Lindsey has requested a family meeting, since both Todd and Hannah are home, to listen to the tape recording from her meeting with the oncologist. She wants them to be aware of what she is up against,what she will be going through, and her desires in the event that the tumor growth does not stop.

Bob and I have received many offers of assistance and for that we are very appreciative. We know that as time goes on, we will need to evaluate how we can allow people to help. It's hard as we are not use to accepting help. We take pride in being self sufficient. Our employers and co-workers have been very accomodating and understanding...we find ourselves wrestling with our own feelings. We have jobs we love, we are committed. We also need to there for our family during this time. For those of you who have reached out, please know that we will be in touch.

A note from Lindsey...

I have my first Bridal Shower to go to! Wow... what a strange mix of emotions I have going on right now. Not only is my speech getting worse, so is my vision. God, please get me to my wedding date. Please don't take that away from me also.

I have established a routine for me to start on Monday. I purchased a large calendar to put on my wall so that I can track my meds, my excercises, my doctor appts, and count down the days until the Hyvee Dinner and my wedding.

On Monday I go to get my stitches out. On Friday, Greg comes in for the weekend. I'm so excited to see my babers! I'm hoping we can go to Holy Smoke for some barbeque.

Thank you to my wonderful neighbor Chris. She brought me the first sign of spring, and something yummy for me to eat. Check out the picture!


  1. Hi Lindsey,
    My name is Janice Cielo. Our daughter, Gina is a friend of Todd's. We also go to church with Mark and Linda Cloud.They brought your plight to our attention and I just wanted you to know that we are going to become active in saying prayers on your behalf. In fact, our entire congregation has been informed, so watch out! Prayer is powerful! I heard you are getting married, well, congratulations! Our oldest daughter, Julia, is also getting married this year, and I know how determined you brides are!:) We are behind you girl, we actually also remember you from Greenwood Elem, and we know you conquered once and can do it again. We look forward to reading your posts and keeping up with your progress. Best Wishes and Take care. The Cielos

  2. Lindsey-We are all praying for your beautiful wedding day and for you to have peace and feel good during your treatment. Your family is also in our prayers. We know there is nothing we can say to make things better but know our prayers and many more are going up everyday for all of you! We admire your spirit and the way you are facing the worst of things you could-we know this is an extremely difficult time for all of you. Just know we are here for all of you. Love-John and Carolyn Mulder