Love of my Life

Love of my Life
Happy moments... Praise God. Difficult moments... seek God. Quiet painful moments... Trust God. Every moment... Thank God.

March 08, 2010

Sleepless Night

Last night I did not sleep. This morning I called Dr. Grandpa Morris at 4:45am. I needed someone to talk to. I want him to come to my dr. appt with the chemo dr. He said he would come. I am going to beat this thing. I'm determined. I've decided that since I'm not working right now that I need to create more structure in my day. Exercise, read/write, help with things around the house. I need to rediscover my purpose.

I found this picture on Hannah's facebook that someone posted.This is a picture of Hannah from one of her dance performances.. one of her friends added the scripture to it. She is amazing. I love it. I love her. She was home this past weekend and was so good to me. She washed my hair, helped me around the house, shopped for dresses, etc.

God is good.

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  1. I remember in jr. high when my 8th grade language arts class was supposed to write papers on our favorite hero. Hannah wrote hers about you :) She loves you so much.

    Your determination is inspiring and I know God gave you the ability to fight for a reason. He's in control. You're strong and beautiful.