Love of my Life

Love of my Life
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March 06, 2010

Proton Radiation - Is it a possibility?

Update from my Mom....

Proton is an external beam radiation that releases radiation only where the tumor is, thus not impacting healthy tissue. This treatment also does not have the long term side affects of regular radiation which can result in secondary tumors caused by the initial radiation. (this was not an option 11 years ago for us) We're learning that the current tumor Lindsey has may have been caused by the initial radiation. The question is, can Proton be used this time. If it's an option, we'll travel to Oklahoma for the treatments.

We are waiting for Dr. Massey, who administered Lindsey's first round of radiation, to send us a summary of the treatment fields, where radiation was applied, and how much was applied. We hope to have this by Monday as we're meeting with Dr. Taylor, the oncologist, at KU on Tuesday to determine next steps. (Seems the records from 11 years ago are stored in the caves and not in the computers.)

In the mean time, wedding plans are coming together nicely. A wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, ties for men, and my dress has been purchased. The musicians, photograhers, videographer, sound technician, pastor, are lined up. We're meeting with the pianist Tuesday night. Rehearsal dinner reservations have also been made. Reception plans are in progress. (Mike - if you're reading this, the status report is Green.)

Lindsey is amazing. She is so thankful and appreciative of everyone. While she is being very realistic about what is in store for her, she has not lost that beautiful smile and gentle spirit. Bob and I are very thankful for the support we're receiving from both parents, and my brother and sister and their spouses... they have been a true blessing to us, as have many of our friends and neighbors (can you say warm Texas cake??? Thank you John and Chris! That was the best cake ever!)

Thanks again for all the prayers and positive thoughts!

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